Wednesday, July 29, 2015


Assalamualaikum and hello everyone :)

This time I would like to share about my travel to Singapore last a few days. 
It was an exciting holiday with my beloved aunty with her children. And also with my sisters and my cousin. We went there by plane that was just take less than 1 hour to reach at there.
We're taking our flight in the morning. Because it is easy to walk around the city. 

Here is our first flight to Singapore. We took a flight airasia.
"EVERYONE CAN FLY". Cewahh iklan jap. Hehe.

Okay now, this is the hotel that we stayed for a two days.
It is just nice to stayed. I don't know how much it costs for one night.
You guys can check by online on their website maybe.

Gambar bawah ni, kiteorg masuk USS. This is the second time I went there.
Masuk lagi kat USS ni pun sbb kakak and cousin nak masuk.
So pergi je lah. Still have fun lagi.


For the second day, we went for a walk around singapore.
Such as in the morning, we're having a breakfast at Geylang Serai. 
Geylang Serai is the place where you can found a Malay food. (Lupa nak tgkap gmbr)
The food is just nice and delicious. 

Okay after that we went to Bugis Street. 
Bugis Street is the place where you can shopping a lot of stuff.
If in the Malaysia, this place is like a Petaling Street. 

Banyak kteorg shopping. 


 Actually there is a few places that we can't went there because not enough time. 
Maybe after this we want to go to the places that we can't go this time. 

So if I travel and visiting the good place, I will share with you guys.
Mana tau korang nak pergi tempat yang menarik ke.